Analysis of True Detective S2-E3: Maybe Tomorrow

Picture via HBO

This episode proved disappointing.  Only a few things to say:

  • Frank & Jordan Semyon (Vince Vaughn and Kelly Reilly):  Semyon returns to his nature, what feels comfortable and avoids powerlessness, and begins to create distance in his relationship.  I predict they will continue to part ways as Jordan becomes an uncomfortable reminder of his failures.
  • Raymond Velcoro (Colin Farrell):  Instead of dying, Raymond experiences a rebirth.  Now that he has paid the symbolic price of loss and death his debt (felt sense of obligation) to Semyon has waned.   His new-found stridency,  drinking water and attempting to leave the case all point toward a salvation plot line for Velcoro.  In Semyon’s own words:  “Things change for me, they change for you, too.”

I didn’t find anything interesting to say about the other characters.  Overall this episode seemed cramped to me – sacrificing the characters at the expense of inching the plot forward.  This involve meaningless detective work (stopping by the mayor’s house, the car).

What advanced the plot was neither the characters, nor the detective work, but once again the random acts of a disguised other.  This is so disappointing because it limits the credibility of the narrative and the importance of the characters.  I still think it’s beautifully shot and well acted and is good compared to most t.v. – who knows, maybe next week…



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