DePaul University Surrenders to the Decline of Western Civilization

Inspired perhaps by their eponymous Saint Vincent to lead a life of virtuous suffering, administrators at Chicago’s DePaul University rolled over to Black Lives Matter at a recent speaking engagement by Milo Yiannopoulos.

via Huffinton Post.

Administrators had fought against hosting the conservative event for over three months. As they watched the event unravel, they seemed almost relieved to see the radical protesters fulfill their wishes. The rights implications were utterly lost on them. All they wanted was a nice, quiet, homogeneously-thinking campus.

Only days before the event, administrators had demanded that DePaul College Republicans, the club that hosted the event, pay hundreds of extra dollars in security costs. This was a clear breach of contract, but the organizers paid the fee under threat of cancellation. Yet, after ordering a dozen security officers, the administrators prevented them from restoring order, forcing them to stand down.

I talked to a few of the dozen Chicago police officers eventually called into the building, and they were irate. They were well-trained, and well-equipped to handle scenarios such as this. They wanted to do their job, and remove the protesters, but administrators demanded they stand passively and watch. Once again, violence prevailed over free speech on a liberal college campus, and the administration was 100% complicit.

This is an incredibly serious issue. Students who go through US universities will lead our country through a challenging future. If they are not exposed to a variety of viewpoints, they are at a serious disadvantage in meeting those challenges. This is the rare issue where leaders from both parties, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump all agree; yet university administrators at DePaul, and across the country refused to confront the issue, afraid to take a stand against militant activism.

In the face of their declining enrollment, De Paul university has decided to give in.  Ironic that St. Vincent DePaul who was captured by Islamic pirates and sold into white slavery in 1605 completed his education and returned to volunteer and help those less fortunate than him on his own.  He did not forever rally popular support against his erstwhile Muslim captors or demand special compensation.

If DePaul University hadn’t been cuckolded into selling western civilization down the river they could have perhaps had a dialogue about whether St. Vincent’s vows of chastity and obedience would benefit the black community more than Blacklivesmatter.

After all, they have already taken the vow of poverty.

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